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In-House Call Centers vs. Outsourcing Your Telemarketing

An in-house call center or an outside telemarketing firm can both bring good results for your business.  So, which one should you choose? There are pros and cons to consider when making this decision.

With an in-house call center, your business will have total control over the whole process.  Your business manager can:  

  • write the script
  • hire the telemarketers
  • oversee what they do
  • monitor their results 

But, your business also has to cover the cost of a telemarketing room, telephones, headsets, leads to call, and have someone to supervise the operation.  Some businesses feel that having control of this department is worth the extra costs of running it themselves.

Probably the most important aspect is what your business feels comfortable with doing.  The Small Business Administration can provide information for a business to set up its own in-house telemarketing or telesales department.  Or your business may want to interview outside telemarketing firms to determine if this is the more appropriate direction and choice for your product or service. 

Either way, a business can benefit from having a telemarketing or telesales program whether it is in-house or from an

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