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More Big Businesses Switching to Offshore Call Centers

As I’ve mentioned before on this blogsite, the cosmetic company, Avon Corporation, has begun using off-shore in-bound call centers to serve it thousands of sales representatives. 

Recently Avon Corporation signed a big contract with an offshore call center to take over Avon’s big customer service centers.  Thousands of call per day are now streaming offshore from Avon representatives and customers.

Avon hopes to lower its expenses since much of its business is conducted over the phone to its customer service departments.  Manpower has been a huge expense for them.

With a 50% to 75% lower cost for telemarketing and call center services, what was already a popular and growing industry is now booming. 

As US companies need to reign in expenses to balance the downtrend in the financial market, lowering costs is part of the equation.

Avon plans to continue this program and save significantly.

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