Telemarketing and Call Center Information

Response Rate Is Highest Using Telemarketing

It’s worth reminding you if you haven’t seen the recent data about telemarketing and call centers.  This information also applies to offshore call centers and telemarketing. 

According to the DMA Response survey, telemarketing still ranks highest with a 5.78% response rate.  Trailing behind are:

  • dimensional mail (2.3%)

  • catalogs (2.18%). 

  • Direct Mail lags even further back (1.88%) 

  • coupons (1.12%) are tied with e-mail. 

So, the percentages are still with telemarketing as an excellent marketing tool for your business. 

I think that’s because it is still the only media that allows immediate interactive communication between the seller and the buyer.  Being able to talk person-to-person still gets the best results.

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