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Target Telemarketing Increases Customer Acquisition Rate by 17%

Companies that provide target marketing services can significantly increase a client’s new customer base.  Take note of this announcement:

Pluris Inc. of Greenwood Village, Colorado, (a provider of fully integrated, multi-channel marketing solutions) announced yesterday that Bresnan Communications, (a broadband telecommunications company that serves more than 300,000 customers throughout the Western United States) has increased customer acquisition rates by an impressive 17 percent by deploying Pluris’ Integrated Marketing Solution™ (IMS).

Pluris offers, specifically the analysis, segmentation, targeting, and reporting capabilities of IMS. Companies like Bresnan “can create an integrated consumer platform to identify and target the most appropriate prospects and customers,” said Michael Caccavale, CEO of Pluris.

“This level of insight and application results in more effective acquisition, and creates a foundation for making the most of every marketing activity.”

“In short, IMS empowers organizations to optimize every marketing dollar spent.”


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