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Insurance Telemarketing Doing Well In Spite of DO NOT CALL List

If you thought telemarketing would be put out of business because of the DO NOT CALL list, think again!  Look at this latest report: 

A recent DMA  (Direct Marketing Association) study showed that insurance telemarketing has reached nearly $80 billion in revenue during 2006. This ever growing revenue means that telemarketing, and insurance telemarketing specifically, can still be very successful tools.

With the advent of the do not call list, it seemed that  insurance telemarketing might no longer be profitable. However, with smart marketing, insurance telemarketing has become more focused on a consolidated effort resulting in maintaining high profits with continued successful telemarketing.

By carefully adhereing to the rules of the DO NOT CALL list, prospects can still be telemarketed if they have had any kind of business relationship with the company in the last 18 months.  Also, anyone who has placed a call to the company for information in the past 90 days may also be called.

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