Telemarketing and Call Center Information

Answering Service

An answering service provides several functions for a business.  They range from just answering the phone switchboard and taking messages to receiving in-bound telemarketing or telesales calls. The possible advantages for how a call center answering service can handle your business needs include:

  • Call Centers answer incoming calls and gives out general information such as buiness hours, product or service information.
  • Call Centers receive order entry calls from customers who have seen the product or service in an advertisement or catalog.
  • Call Centers receive calls from interested prospects and help make sales by providing information and persuasive reasons for buying the product today.
  • Call Centers receive calls from prospects who want information mailed to them.


There are also automated telemarketing call center systems which can receive general calls for infomation and take voice mail messages. Automated call center telemarketing answering services are often used when call volume from certain promotions is very large and and require only certain types of recorded information.


Call center answering services may vary in what types of calls they specialize in. It is important to compare services to determine which one would handle your call center needs best. 

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