Telemarketing and Call Center Information

Call Lists

Call lists provide names and telephone numbers of demographically specific prospects for telemarketers to contact.  The demographics are specified according to the buyer profile for the product or service, and can include addresses, income, credit information, and for businesses - the owner name.

These call lists are usually obtained from a List Broker.  They have access to large volumes of data organized by demographic and geographic information.  For instance, if you wish to call an age group of women in your city with a certain income level, they can compile the list of names and telephone numbers for you. 

List brokers can also help you with lists of businesses that meet your criteria such as number of employees, annual revenue, industry type, etc.

The list is typically provided in a text or spreadsheet file and can be used either once or as many times as you need for a predefined period of time, usually one year.

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