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Offshore Call Centers on the Increase

As American companies struggle with budget trimming, their telemarketing budgets are being trimmed too.  Off-shore telemarketing is one answer to this dilemna.

India and the Philippines have surged ahead in supplying call centers for many American telemarketing projects.  The low cost, of as much as 50% to 75% LESS than on-shore competitors, has driven this growth.

Now other countries, including Korea and some African countries are joining the competition for American business dollars.  Off-shore telemarketing appears to be here to stay.

Even with complaints about understanding the English spoken by off-shore telemarketers, businesses are determined to keep these call centers.  Not only are they less expensive, they are supplied by a large number of employees who have strong technology training.  American employers complain that there are not enough trained people available in the science and technology fields in the United States.

So, like it or not, off-shore telemarketing is only going to grow.

When to Use Off-Shore Telemarketing

Within the last year or so, the cosmetic company, Avon Corporation, has begun using off-shore in-bound telemarketing to serve it thousands of sales representatives.  Other companies, such as Microsoft, and other large companies had already made the shift to off-shore telemarketing over the past few years.

The key word is “large.”  To make off-shore telemarketing worthwhile, your business must have large projects which service thousands of customers regularly.  The cost savings is also large.  Even huge.

Using off-shore telemarketing can save as much as 50% to 75% compared to the same telemarketing job done here in the U.S.  It’s no surprise then, why companies are making the switch off-shore.

Because of the logistics of travel and training for off-shore telemarketing, it takes a company with lots of resources to set up the projects.  And there needs to be a long-term committment so that locations in the Philippines, India and Korea can count on continual work for the thousands of hired employees there.

If you have  a business with smaller projects, it’s better to stay with a North American telemarketing service.  Though more expensive per call, the overall project is still financially manageable and easily overseen because it is local.

But if your company is growing and requiring huge telemarketing services over the long term, off-shore telemarketing is the best and most cost effective choice.

Off-Shore Telemarketing Services Save Money

Telemarketing continues to grow and, at the same time, companies are looking for better ways to use it.

One better way is to save money.  If your business is planning a very large telemarketing project, with thousands of calls that need to be generated, then off-shore telemarketing services may be your answer.

India and the Philippines are among the largest outsourcing services for telemarketing.  One reason U.S. companies choose these locations is because they originate from countries with large English speaking populations. 

But the main reason, and most often reported reason, for choosing off-shore call centers is the much lower cost.  It can be as much as 50% to 75% less than a similar service in the U.S.  It’s hard to overlook a savings like this.

Outsourcing Telemarketing Globally

Offshore telemarketing is one of the fastest growing resources for American businesses.  It’s hot in locations with high rates of English speaking workers such as  India, the Philippines, and the more westernized Israel.  These global competitors are trying to win over United States businesses with their increasingly sophisticated workforce.

The main advantage is obvious.  From a 50% to 75% LESS expensive than on-shore telemarketing, it’s no wonder businesses are looking globally.

India is the most popular offshore telemarketing location, having the largest educated, English speaking population in the world and are computer literate.  Bangalore, India is one of the most technologically savvy destinations in the world.  India’s workforce is trained and continually reviews presentation, sales, and communication skills.  

Israel, like India, is patronized by large multinational companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Compaq, Motorola, HP and Intel.  Companies know they will find highly educated, native English speakers who share a cultural understanding of the West.  While Israel’s salaries are not as cheap as in countries like India, the cost to American businesses is still significantly less than in America.  

The Philippines is another burgeoning location for outsourcing in offshore telemarketing, with its 90% English speaking ratio.

Offshore telemarketing is growing into a sophisticated industry that specialized in every kind of inbound and outbound transaction including direct sales, lead generation, appointment scheduling, verifying information, cleaning lists, research, surveys, and more.