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Telemarketing Calls Refocused Due to Do Not Call List

In the 1990s, telemarketing for new business was popular. But, the Do Not Call rules significantly affected the telemarketing industry.

A majority of the telemarketing services for this industry were based on cold calls.  With the increase of names on the Do Not Call list, most of the telemarketing activities had to be changed over to telemarketing services that are based on existing business relationships.

This meant that in order to make a telemarketing call, the telemarketing services provider had to be able to prove the customer has purchased a product from the telemarketing client in the past 18 months.

Outsourced telemarketing services had to comply or be subject to punishment for violations.

Insurance Telemarketing Doing Well In Spite of DO NOT CALL List

If you thought telemarketing would be put out of business because of the DO NOT CALL list, think again!  Look at this latest report: 

A recent DMA  (Direct Marketing Association) study showed that insurance telemarketing has reached nearly $80 billion in revenue during 2006. This ever growing revenue means that telemarketing, and insurance telemarketing specifically, can still be very successful tools.

With the advent of the do not call list, it seemed that  insurance telemarketing might no longer be profitable. However, with smart marketing, insurance telemarketing has become more focused on a consolidated effort resulting in maintaining high profits with continued successful telemarketing.

By carefully adhereing to the rules of the DO NOT CALL list, prospects can still be telemarketed if they have had any kind of business relationship with the company in the last 18 months.  Also, anyone who has placed a call to the company for information in the past 90 days may also be called.

Target Telemarketing Increases Customer Acquisition Rate by 17%

Companies that provide target marketing services can significantly increase a client’s new customer base.  Take note of this announcement:

Pluris Inc. of Greenwood Village, Colorado, (a provider of fully integrated, multi-channel marketing solutions) announced yesterday that Bresnan Communications, (a broadband telecommunications company that serves more than 300,000 customers throughout the Western United States) has increased customer acquisition rates by an impressive 17 percent by deploying Pluris’ Integrated Marketing Solution™ (IMS).

Pluris offers, specifically the analysis, segmentation, targeting, and reporting capabilities of IMS. Companies like Bresnan “can create an integrated consumer platform to identify and target the most appropriate prospects and customers,” said Michael Caccavale, CEO of Pluris.

“This level of insight and application results in more effective acquisition, and creates a foundation for making the most of every marketing activity.”

“In short, IMS empowers organizations to optimize every marketing dollar spent.”


Using Telemarketing Services in a Recession

Officially, no one wants to call our current economic market a recession.  But no matter what you call it, the economy has slowed down with the accompanying headaches.

Keeping your business strong is always the goal, but especially now.  How can you keep regular customers buying, and gain new customers as well?

Telemarketing may be your answer.  With the highest response rate of any marketing vehicle, it can be an even greater help in slow economic times.

The reason it can help you in an economic slowdown, is the same reason it helps you during a strong economy: target marketing.

Target marketing uses specific demographics to pinpoint consumers who have certain profiles that buy your product.  During slower economic times, there are still high percentages of consumers who have good incomes.

With target telemarketing, your business can hone in on those consumers who are still able to make purchases, beyond putting food on the table.  With telemarketing lists from good list brokers, you can be provided with names and phone numbers that target these prospects.

Telemarketing ranks so high among marketing tools because it works, even in a bad economy.

Telemarketing Services Keep on Giving

When a telemarketer makes a sale to a new prospect, it shows that telemarketing works.  And the nice thing about it is that it keeps on working!

Using it properly is the key.  Each new sale creates a new customer.  And that new customer is the source for many more sales.  And telemarketing can help make it so.

Sure, we are talking about repeat business.  But there is even more than that to help you get more sales.  Such as:

  • Referrals - entice your customer with a bonus to give you names of friends and neighbors who also may need your service.
  • Cross selling - your customer may need other products you also have
  • Upselling - your customer may decide to make a larger purchase if you just present ALL you can do for them

Your existing and new customer list is worth a fortune to your business.  They already know you.  And you can call them without being restricted by the NO CALL LIST, because you are already doing business with them.

Don’t overlook using telemarketing to continue to increase your sales.

Telemarketer Tips For Success

No matter what call center you use, onshore or offshore, big or small, success in telemarketing still comes down to the telemarketer. 

Here are the characteristics that make the difference: 

ONE: Motivation. Successful telemarketers are motivated to do the job.  Incentives help, but the person has to be motivated from within.

TWO: Product knowledge. A telemarketer should be able to answer the questions about the product or service.  This will help the telemarketer make a successful deal.

THREE: Know the script. A successful telemarketer will know the script, then tailor it to their advantage.

FOUR: Attitude. Attitude comes through on the phone, and the successful telemarketer will have a positive attitude.  Even smiling can be “heard” by the prospect.

FIVE: Know the customer. Don’t try to sell them something they are not interested in. Find out if they are a valid prospect, and if not, move on.

SIX: Visualize your success.  By having a vision of the outcome (a sale), a successful telemarketer can create that atmosphere on the phone.

SEVEN: Enjoy the success. A successful telemarketer will always take the time to relish the sale.

How Important Is It To Follow the Telemarketing Script?

How important is a telemarketing script?…they are good for actors in the movies, but how important in a call center? Customers are looking for specific solutions in products and services that they purchase, so ready-made scripts may be unhelpful when catering to the needs of customers.

For example, the UK based Lloyds Trustee Savings Bank stopped using scripts after 90 percent of its clients complained about their use. Its staff performs best not by learning scripts or sales techniques’ but by just being natural, open, honest and friendly. But John Price, managing director of Price Direct feels that scripts have an important role to play in outbound calls used to solicit customers.

Some feel that call center staff are more intent on following the script rather than listening to what they are saying. But, scripts are valuable when it comes to following the specifics and details of the product or service, according to Kevin Norton, account manager at the UK-based business marketing, data management and analytical services provider LBM.

Training your staff to stick to the script while still being conversational is the key.  Skilled staff should have the expertise to use the script as a tool to explain the company’s selling points, and also be flexible enough to deviate from it when the need arises.

Hispanic Business Magazine Spotlighted by Telemarketing Firm

The 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala, the Hispanic Business magazine event, was held November 8, 2007 at the Marriott Downtown in Los Angeles, and honored the achievements of U.S. Hispanic entrepreneurs.

Martin Worldwide was a major sponsor of the event for Hispanic Business, the magazine that features Hispanic business professionals and their companies.

“Martin Worldwide has a strong Hispanic client base. It was natural to partner with an organization like Hispanic Business magazine that not only chronicles the trends of the Hispanic business community, but is also an active participant. We are proud and excited to be a sponsor of an event that recognizes the contributions of the U.S. Hispanic entrepreneur.” said Johnny Guerrero, Major Account executive for Martin Worldwide.

Martin Worldwide is one of the largest and most successful data corporations in the nation, offering customized mailing lists, telemarketing lists and sales leads to small business and Fortune 1000 clients, including many in the Hispanic business community. Utilizing over a decade of experience, knowledge, and database acquisition expertise, Martin Worldwide possesses an extensive database of 290 million consumers and 14 million U.S. businesses.

DMA Response Survey Results

According to the DMA Response survey, telemarketing still ranks highest with a 5.78% response rate. 

Trailing behind are:

  • dimensional mail (2.3%), and
  • catalogs (2.18%). 

Direct Mail lags even further back at 1.88% and tied are:

  • coupons (1.12%)
  • e-mail (also 1.12%) 

But surprisingly e-mail  comes in second, only to telemarketing, in the ROI category.  ROI (return on investment) takes into account the actual cost verses the response.  Here, telemarketing has 18.2 index points vs. email with 16 index points.

So, the percentages are still with telemarketing as an excellent marketing tool for your business.  I think that’s because it is still the only media that allows immediate interactive communication between the seller and the buyer.  Being able to talk person-to-person still gets the best results.

More About Call Center Services

Call centers handle outbound cold calling and inbound service calls.  Inbound calls are channeled to various call centers for certain types of  projects.

For example;

lead generation -  when a customer calls for information about a business service, a call center telemarketer can receive the call and refer it as a lead for sales follow-up.

qualification - businesses like leads that are reliable and qualified as good prospects, which call centers can check out and refer.

appointment setting - if a caller is interested in learning more about a product, or wants to have someone call on them, the call center can set up an appointment.

order taking - many phone numbers that appear in print or TV ads direct the call to a call center, which can place an order for the caller.

It’s easy to use call centers for projects like these, where a customer needs immediate service.  A business can refer the entire project to a call center service to handle these customer needs.