Telemarketing and Call Center Information

Questions for Hiring a Telemarketer

For inbound telemarketers, are you expecting them to just take
an order for something the customer has seen in a catalog?   Or will
the telemarketer need to actually persuade and convince the customer
to buy today? 

In either case, a telemarketer is your company’s front
line communicator and represents what the telephone customer knows
about your business. The telemarketer’s speaking voice must be clear
and understandable. The telemarketer needs to use good grammar and
be fluid, and not halting, when they speak.

If the telemarketer needs to sell a product or convince a customer
to set an appointment, additional qualifications are necessary.
The telemarketer needs to lead and direct the prospect to the right
product by asking questions to find out that information. Once the
correct product is identified, the telemarket needs to be able to
discuss the benefits of the product for that customer and to speak
knowledgably about the pricing information.

When hiring a telemarketer, it is best to first speak with them
over the telephone by having them call you to set up an interview.
By talking with them on the phone, the speaking ability of the telemarketer can be assessed. You might ask them about their experience or why they are interested in the job, to see how they handle answering questions. And you might ask they why they think they would do well in this job. This will allow you to see if they can “sell” you on themselves and if they are persuasive. Or you may want to have them come in for an interview without having these preliminary questions over the phone first.

When you meet with the prospective telemarketer, ask about their
past telemarketing or telesales experience. Notice how they speak
and if they are focused. Being talkative, charismatic, friendly
and having a good speaking voice can be added signs of a good communicator.

You may want to ask them to review a script, and then role play a
call with you. Experience can be very helpful, and it is important
to call references to verify past employers and income.

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