Telemarketing and Call Center Information

Lead Generation

When a telemarketer calls a prospect on the telephone to market a product or service, and the prospect requests further information, this is termed Lead Generation.  

Telemarketing is the most popular way that a business generates leads. The telemarketer can answer questions in response to the prospect’s comments.  And, while prospective buyers may ignore direct mail or advertisements, they have to respond when they answer the telephone.  Once a prospect answers the phone, a good telemarketer can generate a lead.

Outbound telemarketing can be difficult because it often involves what is called “cold calling.”   It takes someone with great communication skills and the ability to handle rejection to make a successful cold-caller.

Telemarketers are equipped with a list of prospects to call who are most likely to use the company’s product or service.  If the prospect is interested, the telemarketer will suggest that information be sent or that an appointment be set for a company representative to visit the prospect. Another type of lead generation is done using a machine programmed to dial phone numbers and deliver a recorded message when the phone is answered. A certain percentage of  people hang up on these machines, but they can be a cost effective way to generate leads instead of using a telemarketer or call center.

Lead generation telemarketing is a great, flexible, adaptable way to gain new customers. Good communication skills are the key to a  good telemarketing and telesales staff. 

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