Telemarketing and Call Center Information

Outbound Telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing is defined as a telemarketer calling on the telephone to prospects or customers for the purpose of marketing or selling a product or service.

Outbound telemarketing is used by a business to increase sales and create a larger customer base. With any type of outbound calling, the telemarketer generates the call to the prospective customer.


It is a very successful and effective way for a business to find new customers. Telemarketing lists are provided by telemarketing call center services to help a business find the right prospects to contact.


Telesales is a type of outbound telemarketing utilized to help a business sell its product or service. While telemarketing is the broad term which describes an entire industry that uses the telephone as its main tool, telesales specifically concentrates on selling.


Telemarketers are employed by vast numbers of telemarketing services to handle their business over the phone. The telesales representative specializes in selling a product or service.

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