Telemarketing and Call Center Information


Persons employed to use the telephone to call prospects or customers for marketing or selling of products or services are called telemarketers.  What type of telemarketer does your business need?

First, it depends on what type of telemarketing program your company uses.  Is it for outbound: calling business-to-residential customer or business-to-business?  Or for inbound: receiving calls from interested prospects who need to be sold a product or set an appointment?

A telemarketer is your company’s front line communicator and represents what the telephone customer knows about your business.  The telemarketer’s speaking voice must be clear and understandable.  The telemarketer needs to use good grammar and be fluid, and not halting, when they speak.

For inbound telemarketers, will they need to actually persuade and convince the customer to act today? 

Since the telemarketer needs to sell a product, or perhaps convince a customer to set an appointment, special qualifications are necessary.  The telemarketer needs to lead and direct the prospect to the right product by asking questions to find out that information.  Once the correct product is identified, the telemarket needs to be able to discuss the benefits of the product for that customer and to speak knowledgably about the pricing information.

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